Who we are


pronounced bud buddy, literally translates as a reliable friend you smoke and relate with in everything marijuana.

Budbuddee is just that, a social network and marketplace platform that brings together cannabis enthusiasts, businesses and anyone that can or wants to relate with marijuana.

Our passion for cannabis is reflected in anything we do: Budbuddee is, before all, a community of likeminded individuals, friends, families, and businesses. We created Budbuddee to help people like us connect and share.

We strive to connect businesses with customers, helping the former reach wider audiences, and the latter – to enjoy quality, safe marijuana products from reputable sources.



We created Budbuddee as a tight-knit community and every aspect of it is created by its members for its members. Budbuddee is a platform that brings together vendors and dispensaries, as well as individuals, educating on the benefits of cannabis and helping users and cannabis enthusiasts find like-minded individuals and reputable businesses

We don’t see Budbuddee as a platform created by us: rather, we perceive it as a dynamic community, which everyone can contribute in so together we can make the most out of it.

Respect and Love

Budbuddee is all about making connections. Our social networking platform is designed to help connect users and businesses from all over the world and as such, our identity will never be constricted by geography or ethnicity, soil or blood, gender, or any other means. We welcome members of every race, religion, ethnicity, class, and lifestyle and encourage them to become a part of our constantly growing Budbuddee family.

We strive to be inclusive and treat every user of our platform with the respect they deserve. This is why we strongly frown upon any form of bigotry, use of profanity and hate speech and any such conduct will result in a permanent ban.

Values & Mission

Budbuddee’s creators and users are brought together by our shared passion for cannabis. It is our mission to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis, debunk common myths and misconceptions, and establish a platform where users and interested parties can find reliable information from reputable sources. We also aim to establish Budbuddee as an inclusive platform where everyone can feel welcome, share freely their thoughts, ideas and exchange information without judgment.

As such, our mission strongly reflects our values. We see every member of Budbuddee as a co-creator, a part-owner of our constantly and dynamically evolving platform, and we strive to treat every single one of them with the respect, transparency, and honesty they deserve. We are up-front about what we do, and our greatest calling is to wholeheartedly serve and enrich others’ lives by any means possible.

We also place special emphasis on honesty, not only in the way we treat our members but also in terms of the information and services we provided. Budbuddee is a platform created by its members for its members but our team works tirelessly to ensure you receive access to the most up-to-date, reliable information on cannabis-related topics. Additionally, we only work with businesses that uphold the same high standards of conduct we do so we can ensure our members can purchase cannabis-related products with confidence.

It is our goal to make Budbuddee the go-to place for cannabis enthusiasts around the world but also, to give back to the community that has helped us become who we are today. That’s why we work with charity foundations such as the Rocotog foundation, to help those less fortunate, and help our members contribute to a better tomorrow